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Boise Area Reuse Directory

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It’s Your Choice

You have some powerful tools within your reach.

You have the power to stem the depletion of natural resources, preserve drinkable water, and promote breathable air.

You can help to preserve Idaho’s natural landscape, and diverse landscapes around the globe, without leaving the Treasure Valley.

In fact, as a consumer … you might be the only one who can.

By making selective consumer choices, you can offset the environmental costs of resource-intense manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. By purposefully discarding your items, you can curtail solid waste accumulation.

The power lies inside your shopping cart, and outside of your trash cart – each and every day.

Reuse to Reduce with the Boise R2 Directory

Four good reasons to R2 it:

  • Divert usable items from burial in the local landfill.
  • Avert the environmental toll of new purchases.
  • Support the southwestern Idaho economy and local jobs.
  • Conserve your hard-earned dollars.
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